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Big Fan Pro is a win/win program that creates powerful results compared to other forms of marketing. We are experienced in all facets of marketing mix. From referral to affiliate marketing, we’ve got the tools, and custom program procedures designed to relieve you from the hassles of working by yourself. Our process ensures that your choice of product is backed by surefire lead generation – all taking your language. We provide an avenue to connect you with the brand you love and also give up to 30% discounts as referral bonus. Love any product? Promote it and make profit!

About Us



Big Fan Pro is an affiliate network who aims to provide a win-win situation between the vendors and the affiliate fans. Our company has been created in order to provide companies a way to have happy clients promote the products that they have tested and approved themselves through the creation of a testimony in the form of a video, reviews and a fan page as well. In other words, our company works by connecting businesses with their fans.
- To serve as a bridge between companies and affiliate marketers.
- To allow affiliate fans to earn a commission from promoting a product that they love.
- To help businesses increase their sales and reach further success.
- Build long lasting relationships with vendors and affiliate marketers.
Continue being a trusted and reputable affiliate network in this industry.

Through our affiliate network, fans can share information about the products that they have tried and loved. They can also create a video testimony and spread the product reviews that they have created. Now, what makes it even great is that they can earn a profit or even up to 70% gift cards from it. A 20% discount is also given to people who got referred.


Our company believes in the power of the Word of Mouth Marketing for we know that 92% of consumers out there trusts in the recommendations of the people whom they know personally. On the other hand, there is also a 70% trust rate on anonymous reviewers online. So, we have decided to make use of such facts and offer the tools that businesses needs to interact with customers and that includes a landing page, email copy, video download program as well as Facebook and Instagram ads. In addition to that, we believe that interacting on our affiliate network is a great way of building trust.

We are also proud to say that we have one of the best marketing platform out there. As a matter of fact, we offer humanized marketing at a personal level. Hence, we can say to you that we can help you build a brand presence and strengthen the relationship between your brand and your clients. So, start connecting instead of collecting. After all, happier clients, happier profits!